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Sonalee Bhattacharyya


Office: Elliott B221
Phone: 512.245.5256

I began my interest in mathematics in high school. I was very interested in physics and read recreational books about string theory. Based on this, I decided that I wanted to pursue a science degree. In college at Texas A&M, I pursued a bachelors degree in math, and my interest in the subject grew. I was especially fond of complex analysis. I attended the Math in Moscow program during my senior year, where I met many well-known mathematicians, and had the opportunity to learn from them.

After teaching seventh grade math for one year, I decided that I wanted to pursue higher studies and attended Texas State for a masters program in math. During this program, I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant and gained valuable experience teaching a variety of undergraduate courses.

This experience, and interactions with professors, caused my interest in mathematics education to begin to grow. I decided to pursue a doctorate degree in mathematics education. I conducted research on how teaching in a summer program and participating in professional development can motivate teachers to stay in the profession, increase their content and pedagogical knowledge, and create a community of practice of mathematicians and mathematics educators.

I enjoy math because it is the science of finding patterns in the universe. Math involves identifying patterns and applying relevant tools to abstract these patterns to apply them broadly. It is a fascinating subject that has the power to explain and understand phenomena that are essential to the structure of our world.