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Jackson Rebrovich


Office: DERR 306
Phone: 512.245.4758

I have a Ph.D. from Baylor University that I will graduate with in August 2021. I am a native Texan from Burleson with roots in Waco and completed my undergraduate education at Angelo State University in 2016 with Highest Honors from the Honors Program. I am interested in classical Abstract Algebra, specifically automorphisms of certain incidence algebras over large posets. I am highly interested in Mathematics Education, particularly concerning the education gap of high and low performing Freshman and addressing equity in the classroom and outside it. In my spare time, I enjoy tennis, volleyball, video games, and serving my community however I can.

I enjoy math because it is like a puzzle. Every step in math is logical and has a reason, figuring out math is like solving a puzzle: finding which pieces go where until everything makes sense and comes together to make a beautiful picture that transcends age, language, and background.