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Jian Shen

Associate Chair, Professor

Office: MCS 581
Phone: 512.245.3421
Research Interests
Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Combinatorial Matrix Theory, Additive Number Theory, Probabilistic Methods, Algorithm, Game Theory, and Theoretical Computer Science.

Dr. Shen received his Ph.D. from Queens University, Canada in 1998. He has been working on combinatorial matrix theory, a subject which connects linear algebra with combinatorics. He has proved a few conjectures on the exponents of primitive matrices. Dr. Shen's current research is focused on graph theory and algorithm. He has made substantial contributions to the research of a number of conjectures, including the Caccetta-Haggkuist conjecture (1978), on the cycle structure of directed graphs. He proved the up-to-date strongest result to support the Frame-Stewart conjecture (1941) on the towers of Hanoi. Dr. Shen plans to extend his research to networks design and probabilistic methods in discrete mathematics.