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Joyce Nsiah Asante

Doctoral Assistant

Office: Derrick 216
Phone: 512.245.4744

I am a mathematics teacher educator who has spent 10 years of my 24 years teaching career helping to teach prospective early childhood educators how to teach children of Ghana mathematics as well as integrating technology use in their lessons. My early career in teaching started in 1996 after my initial teacher training college. After two years of teaching in the elementary school I furthered my education to have my Bachelors Degree in Mathematics Education in 2002. I taught mathematics in both high school and teacher training college in Ghana. In 2007, I pursued Master of Philosophy in Mathematics Education and completed in 2009. I am currently a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics.

I have authored/co-authored some articles on early mathematics and ICT integration and have had the opportunity of presenting some of my papers at conferences.

I am interested in looking at the kind of mathematical knowledge and competencies children have upon entering school and to investigate whether the Ghanaian child can also exhibit counting skills without going through the formal pre number activities in school. My research would deal with the appropriate approach to introducing mathematics to the early child either through pre number activities or rational counting.

In all, I am very passionate about the teaching of mathematics for the young ones to get it right, that is giving them a solid foundation.

I enjoy mathematics because it is about life, everything we do in our daily lives involves mathematics, example, cooking, telling the time, buying and selling as well as studying school subjects. Mathematics is fun, it gives one an inner feeling of fulfilment especially when one is able to solve a problem.

Again, mathematics is useful in all fields of studies, it cuts across all the school subjects like the physical sciences, economics, management, medicine, statistics, engineering, industry and many more.

More so, mathematics is the means of sharpening the individual’s mind to develop our thinking as human beings. Some mathematicians say it is a play for the brain and can help us develop problem solving skills.

It is for all these reasons that I enjoy mathematics.