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Gail Sylvester-Conrad

sylvester_conrad Doctoral Assistant

Office: MCS 454

I am an international doctoral student from Trinidad & Tobago. I attended a Caribbean elementary, middle and high school. I came to the U.S. however, to pursue my post-secondary education and graduated from St. Francis College New York with a B.S in Mathematics and from Texas State University with Masters in Secondary Education: Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Technology. Presently I am pursuing my Doctoral Studies in Math Developmental Education, having experienced the excitement and engagement of students learning mathematics when merging technology with mathematics. My research goal has always been to find creative ways and new instructional strategies to motivate students and have students share my passion for mathematics. I have always strived to have students view mathematics as something they do EVERYDAY - practical and not as useless and difficult, especially for my students enrolled in developmental courses who see math as a hindrance and not as a stepping stone to their future careers.

I love to find solutions to problems and love to challenge myself and my students to think outside the box. There is a satisfaction I receive when I get students to feel accomplished that they are capable of doing math.