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Financial Support

Financial Support for Students in Mathematics

Almost all doctoral students are expected to receive full financial assistance from the department working as Instructional Assistants or Research Assistants. You must be accepted as a Ph.D. student in order to apply. In addition, you much submit to the department: 

  • a completed employment application form which can be downloaded here;
  • at least one letter of recommendation on your ability to teach, which could be one of the three letters you sent for your admission;
  • a current vita.
Type of Aid Stipend Brief Description Submit: Deadline
Instructional Assistants (IAs)/Teaching Assistants (TAs) (only for doctoral students) IAs receive $28,932.75 on a nine month contract. (Fall and Spring semesters) Normal duties include teaching two beginning math classes each semester. Cover letter stating your intent, Employment application form, and current vita (to the Math. Dept.) Fall: February 1
Spring: September 1
Research Assistants (RA) RAs stipends depend on research grant Duties depend on the research grant Cover letter stating your intent, Employment application form, and current vita (to the Math. Dept.) Deadlines vary by grant
Graduate Scholarships Awards range from $1,000 to $2,500 per semester To encourage students to complete a master's or doctoral degree at TXState See Graduate Scholarships for details Deadlines vary by scholarship


For other sources of financial aid go to the Financial Aid link on the Texas State Web site -

Note: For detailed information concerning instructional/teaching assistantships please refer to the Mathematics Instructional Assistant/Teaching Assistant Policies and Procedures  (Contact the mathematics office for a copy – )

For more information and deadlines on financial support, please visit The Graduate College financial aid page.

To receive financial support from the Department of Mathematics, you must be accepted as a student by The Graduate College of the University. Upon inquiry, they will be happy to send you a catalog and admissions forms. Visit their website at, or write to:
The Graduate College
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

The financial aid application deadline is the same as that for graduate admission. Note that only a very limited number of positions are available for spring semesters. Stipends for Research Assistantships depend on the types of research grants. Additional summer support is available as Instructional Assistants or Research Assistants.
In addition to the financial aid from the Mathematics Department, The Graduate College offers a wide variety of graduate assistantships and scholarships, including Texas State Celebrity Classic Scholarships, Texas State Graduate Scholars Program, and College Graduate Scholarships. For more details and how to apply, visit The Graduate College website. Please note that the deadlines for these and other scholarships may be different from those for Instructional Assistants of Mathematics.