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OK-TX RUME Conference

Texas State University Department of Mathematics Presents

The 4th Oklahoma-Texas Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

If you have registered for the conference but not received the program and access information, please email Kate Melhuish (

We will be hosting the OK-TX RUME (Research on Undergraduate Mathematics Education) conference on April 24.  We will be using Gathertown & Zoom. 

Tentative Lineup:

12 - 5 pm

  • Opening talk-Paul Dawkins, Texas State University, 2020 Annie and John Selden Prize Award Winner

  • Graduate Student Presentations

  • Discussions (and posters-lite) with faculty sharing about current projects

  • Plenary talk - Stacy Brown, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona

  • Social Hour

When Students’ Theoretical Thinking Clashes with a Primary Pedagogical Example: A Study of the Didactics of Proof by Contradiction

Plenary Speaker: Stacy Brown, California State Polytechnic University

How do we exemplify proof by contradiction when teaching novices? Why might we want to pay particular attention to primary pedagogical examples; that is, those examples we assume are imbued with essential characteristics and serve as prototypes? In this talk, I will share findings from a classroom teaching experiment and the resulting theoretical and didactical analysis of proof by contradiction curricular examples. My aim will be not only to explore how these practices reflect less discussed assumptions about students’ development of proof by contradiction but also their potential impact on students’ broader understandings of the role of proof by contradiction in mathematics and its disciplinary companion, intellectual autonomy.