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Math Education Seminars - Spring 2009

  • January 23: Joey Offer Texas State - Mathematics: Student perceptions of the effectiveness of a technology-based course.
  • January 30: Alex White Texas State - Mathematics: Student's Initial Perception of Fitting the Best Line.
  • February 6: Alejandra Sorto Texas State - Mathematics: A Study of South African Sixth Grade Mathematics Classrooms.
  • February 13: Bryan Nankervis Texas State - Mathematics: Gender Issues related to National Merit Scholarship Competition.
  • February 27: Jill Cochran, Aimee Tennant, and Debra Ward Texas State - Mathematics: Research proposals
  • March 6: Lupita Carmona University of Texas: Design-based Research for Assessment: Describing Students' Mathematical Knowledge.
  • March 27: Susan Empson University of Texas:
  • April 3: Dustin Jones Sam Houston State University: Revealing Conceptions of Chance with Cylindrical Dice.
  • April 10: Linda Zeintek Sam Houston State University:
  • April 25: Susan Empson University of Texas: Relational Thinking and the Development of Children's Understanding of Fractions
  • May 1: John Edgell, Kiara Davis, Amanda Toro Texas State - Mathematics: Emily the First