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Math Education Seminars - Spring 2011

  • January 21: Max Warshauer, Texas State University: Mathworks - Building a Mathematical Community and a Research Agenda
  • January 28: Aimee Tennant, Texas State University: Returning Adult Students in the Mathematics Classroom
  • February 4: No Seminar
  • February 11: Sharon Strickland, Texas State University: Developing a Proof Coding Instrument
  • February 18: Susan Morey, Texas State University: Why Abstract Algebra is important for mathematics education: an Algebraist's perspective.
  • February 25: Jill Cochran, Berry College: Are you smarter than a sixth-grader? Two middle school concepts that many college students still do not understand.
  • March 4: No Seminar
  • March 4: No Seminar
  • March 18: Spring Break - No Seminar
  • March 25: Ewelina McBroom, Texas State University: Teaching geometry with technology: A case of teachers' technological pedagogical content knowledge.
  • April 1: Hiroko Warshauer, Texas State University: Productive Struggle
  • April 8 (Location/Time Change-Derrick 122 at 1:00 PM): Allan Rossman, Department of Statistics, Cal-Poly: Concepts of Statistical Inference: A Randomization-Based Curriculum.
  • April 15: Li Feng, Department of Economics, Texas State University: Career Mobility, Productivity and Occupational Choices
  • April 22: History of Math Students: Poster Presentation