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Promotion from Associate Professor to Professor

Jessica Bishop, Paul Dawkins, Young Ju Lee, Shuying Sun

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Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor & Tenure

Hwa Young Lee, Kristen Lew, Lucas Rusnak

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Dr. Hiro Lee Tanaka - Recipient of 2023 Sloan Research Fellowship

Dr. Tanaka's achievements and potential place him among the next generation of scientific leaders in the U.S. and Canada.

@TXST Math

DERR 118; 118
Tim Chase -

Cameron Farnsworth -
Campus Sponsor:
Tim Chase & Cameron Farnsworth
Love a good problem?  Like to solve difficult puzzles?

Join professors, graduate students and undergraduates as we tackle problems presented from several mathematical journals.  An interest in higher level mathematics is all that is required to join our round table.  Offer what you know, learn what you don't in a relaxed environment with some of our department's finest!
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DERR 328; 328
Campus Sponsor:
Christine Lee
The Machine Learning Reading Seminar at the math department of Texas State University is designed to create a space for students and faculty to learn about the mathematical foundation of machine learning and it's rapidly expanding use in our world. Click here for more information
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