The department provides a wide variety of resources to promote collaboration, inclusion and research within our community.

More information can be found about each seminar below the schedule.

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Math & Statistics Awareness Month Apr 14

DERR 113

1:30 - 3:00 pm

Henry Segerman, Oklahoma State University

Artistic mathematics: truth and beauty


Mar 24

DERR 329

2:15 - 3:15 pm

Gloria Stillman, Formerly of Australian Catholic University Re-thinking the Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling from the Perspective of Complexity
Algebra & Combinatorics Reading Seminar


    Contact: Anton Dochtermann
Differential Equations and Applied Math Seminar

Mar 10

DERR 328

noon - 1 pm

  No Seminar
Discrete Math Seminar   DERR 331
1 - 2 pm
Logic@TXST Mar 28

DERR 330

6:30 - 8 pm

Caroline Terry, Ohio State University


Math Education Seminar


DERR 338

2:15 - 3:15 pm



In conjunction with the Colloquium

Numerical Methods for Data Science and Engineering


INGR 3103

10:00 - 11:00 am

  No Seminar
Problem Solvers Group Wednesdays

DERR 329

5 - 6 pm

  Contacts:  Tim Chase and Cameron Farnsworth
Statistics Seminar

Mar 24

DERR 325

noon - 1 pm

Xiaoqing Yu, Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Automating the Translation and Discovery of Immune Biomarkers using Machine Learning
Talk Math 2 Me Mar 24

 DERR 240

noon - 1:30 pm

Micah Swartz, Texas State University Insider Trading: Advice from an NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Topology Seminar

Mar 24

DERR 333

11 am - 12:20 pm

  No Seminar
MAA Conference
Women Doing Math




Contact: Daniella Ferrero

Abstracts are available by contacting the seminar organizer(s).

Visit Math Seminars for a listing of shared mathematical research seminars, talks and conferences from a variety of universities.

Math & Stats Awareness Month

The math department runs a series of annual presentations aimed at illuminating interdisciplinary connections between mathematics and other areas. We host guest speakers, partner with other departments within the university and invite panelists whose work relates to the presented themes. All presentations are geared toward the general audience. Everyone is invited.

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Professor speaking at a colloquium


The math department hosts a colloquium series in which distinguished researchers present their recent work to a general mathematical audience.  All faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students are welcome.

View a short video about our Colloquium series

Organizer: Jake Fillman

Spring 2023:

  • January 20 -- Kristen Bieda (Michigan State University)
  • February 3 -- Qingguo Hong (Pennsylvania State University)
  • March 3 -- Emily Riehl (Johns Hopkins)
  • March 24 - Gloria Stillman (Formerly of Australian Catholic University)
  • March 31 -- J. Michael Shaughnessy (Portland State University)

Algebraic Combinatorics Reading Seminar

This seminar meets about once a week.  The format is very informal, the idea is that we collectively select a topic for the semester and present material surround that theme.  Original research is not typically presented and we encourage participation from all levels. Graduate students with an interest in algebra/combinatorics are especially encouraged to attend. 

For more information or to be included in communication regarding this seminar please contact Anton Dochtermann.

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professor leading a seminar

Differential Equations and Applied Math Seminar (DEAM)

The Differential Equations and Applied Math Seminar is a seminar for those interested in differential equations, mathematical modeling, mathematical physics, scientific computation, and any other interdisciplinary mathematical work of an applied nature.  The speaker's topics are not restricted to their own work, as this seminar is a platform for presenting details of mathematics of interest.  Interested faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates are encouraged to attend.

Organizers: Ray Treinen & Jake Fillman

Discrete Math Seminar

All faculty, graduate students, and upper level undergraduate students are welcome. The seminar will provide a platform for faculty and students to present their research developments in discrete mathematics and related areas, foster research interactions among faculty and students, and create research opportunities and collaborations for faculty and students. Speakers from Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Computer Science, and other related areas are all welcome. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary research which applies mathematics as a tool to solve problems in other areas such as CS, BioInformatics, Bio‐sciences, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, etc.

Organizer: Jian Shen

discrete math
Logic@TXST logo


This is a NSF funded project to increase logic research at Texas State. Part of this project includes a scheduled series of speakers for 2022 and 2023, with a symposium to be included in 2024. 

Times and locations of these talks will vary.

Organizer: Will Boney

Math Education Seminar

Faculty and students learn about and discuss issues related to the teaching and learning of mathematics and new findings in mathematics education research. Graduate students in the Mathematics Education programs are expected to attend whenever possible; students from other programs are always welcome.

Organizers: Cody Patterson & Hamilton Hardison

a professor teaching a class
digital circuit board and tablet matrix

Numerical Methods for Data Science and Engineering (NMDSE)

This seminar is dedicated to sharing and discussing recent discoveries in numerical methods for real-life applications, such as medical imaging, weather forecasting, and epidemiology.

Organizers: Iván Ojeda-Ruiz & Young Ju Lee

Problem Solvers Group

Love a good problem?  Like to solve difficult puzzles?
Join professors, graduate students and undergraduates as we tackle problems presented from several mathematical journals.  An interest in higher level mathematics is all that is required to join our round table.  Offer what you know, learn what you don't in a relaxed environment with some of our department's finest!

View a short video about Problem Solvers

Organizers: Tim Chase & Cameron Farnsworth

student solving problems at a blackboard
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Statistics Seminar

Interested in Statistics and Data Science?  

Join us as we discuss new developments in statistics as well as innovative lessons and advances in statistics education research.
Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to attend!

View a short video about our Statistics seminar.

Organizer: Vera Ioudina 

Talk Math 2 Me

Talk Math 2 Me is a seminar for students by students. Talk Math 2 Me provides students, both graduate and undergraduate, an opportunity to present anything related to mathematics to an audience of their peers. Undergraduate and Graduate math students or any students interested in mathematics are highly encouraged to attend. The talks are each 15‐60 minutes long and possible speaking topics include Undergraduate and Graduate mathematics research, math history, and STEM research with a heavy footing in mathematics. By presenting, students gain great experience communicating mathematics while developing presentation skills in a relaxed environment. By attending the seminar, students will be introduced to new mathematics and see applications of mathematical concepts in different perspectives. Some weeks will even include visits from professors to discuss how students can get involved with research and the math department.

View a short video about Talk Math 2 Me

Organizer: Ellen Couvillon

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donut to coffee cup topology representaton

Topology Seminar

A seminar in topology: geometric, algebraic, general, abstract, combinatorial, and applied.  This is a faculty research seminar focused on topology and its applications.  Graduate and undergraduate students interested in topology and its applications are welcome to attend.

Organizer: David Snyder

Women Doing Math

Organizer: Daniella Ferrero

woman doing math