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Bishop, JessicaToward Analyses of Mathematics Classroom Discourse at Scale Using Tools from Applied MathematicsNational Science Foundation$351,0721/1/202312/31/2025
Boney, WilliamHSI: LEAPS-MPS: Fragments of Compactness National Science Foundation$170,3669/15/20218/31/2024
Dawkins, PaulCollaborative Research: Extending a Theoretical Model for Undergraduate Students' Reflection and Abstraction of Proof Structures in Transition to Proofs CoursesNational Science Foundation$404,41610/1/20209/30/2024
Dawkins, Paul, Kate Melhuish (Co-PI), Kristen Lew (Co-PI), Keong Roh (Co-PI)Generating a Research-Informed Transition to Mathematical Proof CurriculumNational Science Foundation$600,0007/1/20226/30/2025
Melhuish, Kate, Bea Ellis (Co-PI), Cody Patterson (Co-PI), Sharon Strickland (Co-PI)Structuring Equitable Participation in Undergraduate ProofNational Science Foundation$600,0001/1/202312/31/2025
Dochtermann, AntonTopics in Algebraic and Geometric CombinatoricsSimons Foundation$16,8009/1/20228/31/2024
Fillman, JacobSpectral Properties of Ergodic Schroedinger OperatorsSimons Foundation$16,8009/1/20208/31/2024
Fillman, JacobFrom Cantor to Bethe-Sommerfeld: Phase Transitions in Aperiodic MediaNational Science Foundation$248,1779/1/20228/31/2024
Healey, VivianQuestions in Multiple Schramm-Loewner EvolutionSimons Foundation$3,0007/1/20236/30/2026
Lee, ChristineSurfaces and Geometry and Topology of Quantum Link InvariantsNational Science Foundation$59,7999/1/20228/31/2024
Lee, Hwa YoungCAREER: Reframing Students’ Graph Literacy with a Focus on Students’ ThinkingNational Science Foundation $374,191 2/15/20231/31/2028
Tanaka, HiroakiCAREER: Higher Algebra and Symplectic GeometryNational Science Foundation$400,0008/1/20217/21/2026
Lee, Young JuCoupled Flow and Transports Modeling and Simulation of Complex Fluids and ExtremNational Science Foundation$352,8526/1/20225/31/2025
Lew, Kristen (PI), Melhuish, KateDeveloping and Validating Proof Comprehension Tests in Real AnalysisRutgers, State University of New Jersey$182,41410/1/20189/30/2024
Matheus, Nestor
CAREER: Integro-differential and Transport Problems in Partial Differential Equations
National Science Foundation$172,0117/1/20226/30/2027
Bikai, NieImplementing Techtivities to Promote Covariational Reasoning and Instructional TCU-Denver Office of Grants & Contracts$142,686.1810/1/20207/31/2024
Patterson, CodyReasoning Language for Teaching Secondary Algebra National Science Foundation$444,47411/22/20191/31/2024
Tanaka, HiroakiCAREER: Higher algebra and symplectic geometryNational Science Foundation$76,2948/1/20217/31/2027
Tanaka, HiroakiHigher Algebra and Symplectic GeometryAlfred P. Sloan Foundation$75,0008/31/20239/14/2025
Tanaka, Hiroaki (PI), Lee, Christine (Co-PI)Conference: South Central Topology Conference IINational Science Foundation$22,5191/1/202312/31/2023
Yang, YongArithmetic Properties of Group Invariants and Orbit Structure of ActionsSimons Foundation Attn: Elizabeth Roy$42,0009/1/20178/31/2024
Yang, YongGroup representations and group invariantsSimons Foundation$16,8009/1/20228/31/2024
Yang, Yong (PI), Keller, Thomas (Co-PI)REU Site: Algebra, Combinatorics, StatisticsNational Science Foundation$305,4183/1/20222/28/2025
Yang, YongAMS Fan Fund China Exchange Program -2021American Mathematical Society$3,866.166/1/20218/31/2024
Yang, YongConference: China-US Group Theory Summit 2023National Science Foundation$20,5625/1/20214/30/2024
Yang, YongCONFERENCE: Zassenhaus group theory conference 2024National Science Foundation$18,0001/1/202412/31/2024
Lee, Hwa Young (PI), Hardison, Hamilton (Co-PI)Collaborative Research: Middle School Students’ Graphing From the Ground Up National Science Foundation $293,8416/1/20215/31/2024
Guillen, NestorCAREER: Integro-differential and Transport Problems in Partial Differential EquationsNational Science Foundation$498,9697/2/20226/30/2027
Czocher, JenniferCAREER: Scaffolding Strategies for Undergraduate Mathematics Modeling SkillsNational Science Foundation$970,8009/1/20188/31/2024
Melhuish, Kate, Sharon Strickland (Co-PI), Bea Ellis (Co-PI), Alejandra Sorto (Co-PI)Using Technology to Capture Classroom Interactions: The Design, Validation, and Dissemination of a Formative Assessment of Instruction Tool for Diverse K-8 Mathematics ClassroomsNational Science Foundation$1,984,657.009/15/20188/31/2024