Mathematics graduate students are encouraged to work as graduate instructional assistants. The stipends for these assistantships are comparable to the national norms and generally require teaching two courses per semester. There are also graduate scholarships available.
To apply for an assistantship, please fill out the employment application form and submit to the Department of Mathematics. If you are an applicant from outside of the Mathematics Department, please submit the supplemental form as well.

Priority deadlines for admission to the program are:
Fall Semester - February 1
Spring Semester - August 15

Graduate assistantships are limited. Submit your employment application by these dates for priority consideration.

Additionally, all international students need to pass the Test of Spoken English with a score of at least 50 within the first year of employment.

For more information and deadlines on financial support, please visit The Graduate College financial aid page.

The financial aid application deadline is the same as that for graduate admission. Note that only a very limited number of positions are available for spring semesters. Stipends for Research Assistantships depend on the types of research grants. Additional summer support is available as Instructional Assistants or Research Assistants. Contact the department for more information.
In addition to the financial aid from the Mathematics Department, The Graduate College offers a wide variety of graduate assistantships and scholarships, including The Graduate College Scholarship, Texas State Graduate Scholars Program, and College Graduate Scholarships. For more details and how to apply, visit The Graduate College website. Please note that the deadlines for these and other scholarships may be different from those for graduate assistantships.